• Client: American Eagle
  • Title: Rock Your Walk
  • Category: Campaign

American Eagle Outfitters' "Live Your Life" campaign is all about celebrating each of their customer's unique, individual style. To bring that idea to life, AEO teamed up with space150 to create "Rock Your Walk," the first ever digital runway across America.

To join the runway, participants created videos of themselves rocking a runway walk. They could then upload their video to an ongoing runway stream, right from their phone, computer, or even using Instagram or Vine. To up the stakes even more, the best of the best of the videos were featured on American Eagle's 15,000 square-foot LED billboard the heart of Times Square. As another way for customers to express their individual style, each walk was given a creative name (a la Zoolander’s “blue steel”), and participants could even create custom videos streams, that only included the videos of their friends.