No other sports season is as eagerly anticipated as football. To keep B-Dubs top of mind as a game day destination, we launched a campaign to diagnose the symptoms that result from all of the excitement —a condition known as Football Fever. The PSA-style campaign includes web video and interactive ads featuring mini symptom tests. In the Football Fever site experience, fans go through quick evaluations, ranging from Rorschach test to memory game, and receive their diagnosis matched with a fan support program that will help them enjoy football at B-Dubs. Fans were retargeted throughout the season and were met with fresh content and games with each site visit. The Football Fever campaign drove a 19% increase in intent to visit a BWW store within the next 30 days, which is 3x greater than category benchmarks. The interactive mobile creative that diagnosed users via a thumbprint scan drove 3.5x higher website store locator use than BWW's campaign average.