• Client: Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Title: BWW #WingWager Mobile Ad
  • Category: Advertising and Promotion, Banners Rich Media

As the 2013 football season approached, Buffalo Wild Wings sought innovative mobile ad ideas to drive engagement and traffic to B-Dubs. We made it our goal to make the brand part of the fan’s football experience. Harnessing a native sponsorship opportunity in the Yahoo! Fantasy Football app we did just that, with Wing Wager. Mobile ads displayed as players viewed their matchup, calling them out by team name to engage their opponent with a friendly proposition.

Once players selected the terms of their Wing Wager, they were encouraged to tag their opponent in a social post, for all to see. The idea proved compelling as over 2100 #WingWager tweets were posted from the ad over two months, resulting in 8 million earned impressions.