• Client: Jack Links
  • Title: Trick or Treat Sasquatch
  • Category: Social Media, Campaign

To create more meaningful engagements with their fans over Halloween, Jack Link’s sent Sasquatch trick-or-treating. Through Facebook, Twitter and email, fans were asked whether they’d #tricksasquatch or #treatsasquatch. Of course, actions have consequences. And when you mess with Sasquatch, it rarely ends well. To the over 1,500 respondents, Sasquatch sent 250 tit-for-tat personalized photo and video responses in real-time, over four days. In that time, the brand received over 7,500 YouTube views, saw an 87% increase in Facebook comments, and quadrupled their organic Twitter mentions. By making one-on-one connections, Jack Link’s not only deepened brand affinity with loyal fans, they created new ones along the way, adding almost 95,000 new Facebook fans over 21 days.